A Brief Introduction to File Compression

Types of Compression

The importance of compression in this digital age

  • Storage Issues — Compression is responsible for reducing the storage space required to store a particular file. As a result, files that are originally bigger can be stored in smaller spaces reducing memory requirement(s) drastically. Word files, and the like, have the chance to have ninety percent of their original size reduced.
  • Speed of transmission — The time frame for a particular file to be sent and/or received over the internet, varies directly with the size of the file. As a result, to reduce the time for file transmission, compression is used to make files smaller in size. This increases transmission speed and saves time which can be incredibly important in the present market situation(s).
  • Backing up of data — Groupings of files of similar categories can be put together to form archive files. Owing to the huge number of files grouped in one, archive files desperately need file compression to reduce their required storage space and turn it into one single moderately sized file. So backup files(computer, smartphone, etc.), are always turned into one single archive file by the operating system.




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Aman Soni

Aman Soni

Product | Tech | Growth

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